When should I replace my mattress?

Most people say you should replace your mattress every 10 years. Mattress King mattresses come with a 10-year warranty. However, sometimes mattresses last longer. For instance, if you travel a lot and don’t sleep on your mattress regularly or if you care for it well, you will prolong the life of your mattress.

There are two signs that show it’s time to replace your mattress: sagging and dust.

• Sagging
Most people sleep in the same spot on their bed night after night. Over time, the mattress will begin to sag and indent. When this happens, it won’t provide the same support it used to. Eventually you’ll feel this difference. Your sleep won’t be as restful as it used to be, and you might even feel sore and achey when you wake up. If you have any back problems, you should be especially wary of this in your mattress.

• Dust
Over time, dust mites and other allergens will build up inside your mattress foams. Not only will this damage the quality of your mattress and your sleep, but it will also cause allergies. Mattress King’s PR1ME® Terry Mattress Protector is the best way to protect against dust mites and allergens.

How Much Is Delivery and Setup? And, Can You Haul-Off My Old Mattress?

Yes, we can haul off your old mattress if it’s in a condition where it can be donated. On all of our other products the delivery fee ranges depending on shipping zones throughout the state, which is calculated at checkout when purchasing online or feel free to call us to get a price.

Should I Purchase a New Foundation or More Commonly Referred to as Boxspring?

Yes, sleeping on a level surface is very important. Depending on what you currently have, foundation/boxspring can sometimes develop a bow in them especially if the frame it was setting on didn’t have a good center support, therefore causing the mattress to bow with it. So, when buying a new mattress we recommend to our customers to purchase a new foundation/boxspring and bed frame. If you have an existing frame or platform bed be sure to check to see if it has a heavy duty center support with legs supporting the center, this will insure that there won’t be any sagging or bowing in the middle.

Should I flip my mattress?

Some mattress companies recommend flipping the mattress to keep it clean and prolong its life. However, most Mattress King mattresses are intentionally layered in an order that will enhance your sleep experience. If you flip it, you won’t be getting the same high-quality support and feel. The exception to this is the Orthopedic Plush, which has a special double-sided construction and design. For our other mattresses, the design will show you which side should be placed up. Instead of flipping, rotate your mattress 180 degrees every 3-6 months.

How should I clean my mattress?

It’s natural for dust mites and allergens to collect in your mattress with time. If you spill on your mattress, it may also end up with stains. There are some ways you can minimize these kinds of wear on your mattress. Although a fitted sheet will keep your mattress looking clean, spills can still seep under the sheet and cause stains or even mold. The best way to prevent this is to use one of Mattress King’s PR1ME® Terry Mattress Protector. This protector will provide an extra barrier between your sheet and the mattress, and it’s a lot easier to clean than your mattress.

You can also use a vacuum to get rid of dust, dirt, and pet hair. Just remove your sheets and mattress cover, then use the vacuum wand to go over the surface. If you have a yard, you can also air out your mattress. Fresh air and sunlight will naturally eliminate bacteria from your mattress!

How can I store my mattress when I’m not using it?

If you’re not using your mattress because it’s in a guest room or vacation home, you can keep it on your bed frame like you normally would. If you need to store your mattress for a while during a renovation or in the middle of a move, you can just prop your mattress against a wall on its side. Simply keep it in a clean, dry place and it will be fine.

Where can I purchase Mattress King Products?

You can purchase our products at Lawton, Oklahoma City, or Stillwater stores. We will deliver your purchase the same day. At our stores, you can buy mattress protectors, pillows, sheets, mattresses, adjustable bases and bring them home yourself. However, availability does vary from store to store. Call ahead to double-check if what you want is available at your store.

Remember that you can try out your select Mattress King mattress for 100 nights. If you realize you don’t like it, you can exchange it for a different mattress.

Can I get my mattress delivered on the same day?

Mattress King offers same-day delivery to certain zip codes in Oklahoma. You can expect to receive your mattress from our own Mattress King delivery service between 10 A.M. and 6:15 P.M. as long as you placed your order by 4:30 P.M. CST.

How can I purchase my mattress?

You can come to our store and buy the mattress or order online. You can also call us before you stop by to make sure we have exactly what you’re looking for.

What is the 100-Night Sleep Trial and Return Policy?

After you’ve purchased your mattress, you can try it out for 100 nights. If, after those 100 nights, you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can exchange it for a different mattress. You won’t have to pay a processing or restocking fee.

Keep these rules in mind:

  • We require that you purchase our mattress protector and use it properly in order to accept returns.
  • We have a limit of one exchange per original purchase.
  • We have to inspect the mattress for insects and stains before you can exchange the mattress.
  • Don’t bring the mattress to our store—we will pick it up!
  • You will still be charged a delivery fee, which is decided based on your location.
  • And, if your new mattress is cheaper than your original purchase, we’ll refund you the difference!

While every mattress qualifies for our 14-night Trial Policy, only certain mattresses can be tried out for 100 nights. You may not return your mattress—we only allow exchanges. If you special-order your mattress, you will not qualify for a trial period.

Can I return my pillow/sheets/mattress protector/bed frame/foundation/power base?

We do not allow you to return or exchange any of these products.

Can I buy a warranty with my mattress?

All our mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty covers specific problems you might encounter with your mattress including:

  • Visual body impressions deeper than 1.5 inches
  • Broken Coil
  • Stitching coming unsewn
  • Splitting or cracking foam

All mattresses undergo some forms of wear and tear and we cannot guarantee personal comfort, which both of these are not considered a manufacturer defect. Our warranty does not cover mattress uses that are outside a mattresses’ intended use. So, don’t mattress-surf with your mattress and then expect a refund!

You can call our Customer Experience Team at 405-564-0561 or email us at support@imagoodking.com for any questions or concerns about the quality of your mattress under your warranty.

How can an adjustable base help me?

The adjustable base will help incline your upper body by lifting your head and feet. Inclining your upper body will prevent you from snoring, and lifting your lower body will improve body circulation.

How can I wash my mattress protector?

First, you should always wash the mattress protector first thing before putting it on your bed. Wash in cold to hot water (do not exceed 120 degrees) and use liquid laundry detergent. Tumble dry low heat with your other bedding. Do not tumble try by itself. You should also never dry clean your mattress protector.

How much does a mattress protector cost?

It depends on what size you buy.

  • The Twin and Twin XL cost $45
  • The Full-size costs $50
  • The Queen costs $55
  • The King and California King costs $60

Click here to purchase.

How much does a metal bed frame cost?

It depends on what size you buy.

  • The Twin-Full Adjustable Frame costs $39
  • The Twin-Full-Queen Adjustable Frame costs $49
  • The King/Queen/Full/Twin Heavy-Duty Frame costs $59

Click here to purchase.

What is the cheapest mattress?

The Orthopedic Plush is our most inexpensive mattress, and it starts at just $139.

How big is each size of mattress?

Mattress King mattresses have a thickness ranging from 6.75 inches to 18 inches. The standard dimensions for each size mattress are as follows:

  • Twin: 39 x 74 inches
  • Twin XL: 39 x 80 inches
  • Full: 54 x 74 inches
  • Queen: 60 x 80 inches
  • King: 76 x 80 inches
  • California King: 72 x 84 inches

Each of our mattresses has a different weight capacity. For our Twins and Twin XLs, the capacity is 400 lb. Our Full (400lb with no center support and 800lb with center support), Queen, King, and California Kings support up to 800 lb. total.

If you don’t know what size is best for you, check out our blog!

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