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Frequently Asked Questions
Tencel sheets are the best cooling sheets available. This is because of their multi-fiber technology that offers versatility, breathability, and natural softness that creates a premium overall sleep experience. Yes, both sets of sheets are deep pocketed. The Brushed Microfiber Sheets fit up to a 15" mattress thickness and the Tencel sheets are extra deep pocketed and fit up to 22". Both also have the elastic band that is placed around the bottom perimeter of the fitted sheet to ensure a snug fit that prevents it from slipping off of the mattress. The correct size of sheet to fit the Split King adjustable bed is called “Split King”. We offer this option for both of our available sheet sets. It includes two Twin XL fitted sheets, one King flat sheet, and two King pillowcases. This setup allows you to have perfect-fitting sheets that fit each side of the bed, and still get the King flat sheet that allows you to make your bed as you would with a standard King setup.

Both Microfiber and Tencel are high quality materials, but they are made of different fibers and offer distinct features. A microfiber is thinner than a strand of silk, so Microfiber sheets consist of these ultra-thin materials woven together that offer quality sleep comfort at a strong value.

Tencel sheets offer a higher-grade and more luxurious sleep experience by combining multiple types of premium fibers. These fibers offer versatility, moisture absorption, superior softness, breathability and color retention. This creates best-in-class coolness, softness, and overall comfort.

The thread count in a set of sheets is calculated by the number of threads per one square inch. Keep in mind, a higher thread count does not guarantee a superior quality or feel. While it is something to keep in mind, it’s better to think about thread counts as just one piece to the puzzle in terms of overall quality, along with the fibers and technology being used.
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