While it can be easy to think that any mattress will do – there are some huge differences between them! Understanding your mattress type can help you know where your current mattress may fall short. It can also help you know what to look for in a new mattress when it is time to buy.

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Mattress King OK – Understand Your Mattress Type; Which Mattress Do You Need?

What mattress types are available?

There are a few different distinct types of mattresses that are important to understand, as they give you a general idea of what they can do for your body. There are also hybrid style mattresses using one or more of these mattress types.

Here are the general mattress types available, as well as a few helpful facts about each.

Innerspring mattress

  • Average price – $300-$700 
  • Made of – Metal springs lined with foam

Innerspring mattresses have been the standard mattresses for nearly a century. It is only thanks to modern advancements in sleep science that other mattresses are becoming more popular.

At its core, an innerspring mattress is made from strong intertwined springs. Foam is packed through these springs, and layers of foam may be added to the top as well for more comfort.

Innerspring mattresses are very strong, and provide sturdy support. This makes them great for people who rely on this strong support to sleep well. They are also by far the most economical choice in most cases. Anyone who needs strong support and average comfort at a highly affordable price will likely want an innerspring mattress.

Memory foam mattress

  • Average price – $600 –$1,000
  • Made of – Layers of foam with varying densities

Memory foam mattresses are the other common choice. The entire body of the mattress is made of varying density foams, which contour to the body well. These mattresses are perfect for people who need comfort and struggle with pressure points from an innerspring mattress. The foams do not transfer energy, making them good for those who share a bed as well.

With that said, people who tend to be hot as they sleep may not do well with memory foam mattresses. While newer models help circulate air from the body, they can still be hot for some of the warmest sleepers.

Individual pocketed coil mattress

  • Average price – $450 –$1,600
  • Made of – A bed ofIndividual springs, each wrapped in foam and topped with more foam for added comfort

An individual pocketed coil mattress takes the strong support of an innerspring mattress and adds more flexibility and responsiveness. Pocketed coil mattresses can have a much lower pricepoint than many luxury mattresses, but can still provide years of comfort and support.

In fact, they are quickly becoming more and more common, as they greatly improve innerspring mattresses without being too expensive.

Individual pocketed coil mattress contain hundreds of individual springs which move independantly. This makes them transfer much less energy, which means they are also better for partners who have different sleeping patterns.

These individual pockets also allow the mattress to contour better. Along with added foam, this provides great levels of comfort for most sleepers.

Latex mattress 

  • Average price – $1,200 –$4,500
  • Made of – Natural or synthetic latex

Latex mattresses are on the upper end of the price spectrum. They are often seen as an alternative to memory foam. They are more expensive, but tend to last much longer than many other options.

Latex mattresses are great for people who need sturdy support. They are also better for hot sleepers than memory foam mattresses, even the newer memory foam mattresses marketed to be very cooling.

On the other hand, the price tag is usually what drives people away from a latex mattress – they are expensive. They are also very heavy.

Hybrid mattresses

  • Average price – $850 –$1,600
  • Made of – A blend of one or more mattress types

Strictly speaking, a hybrid mattress is any type of mattress that blends two or more of these above mattress types. The most common is a blend between an innerspring and memory foam. This gives the mattress the comfort of a memory foam and the strength of an innerspring. 

Hybrids tend to be good for many different types of sleepers, and can be more affordable than some high end options as well.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of different mattress types on the market, and each will have their own strengths and weaknesses for different buyers. 

If you are unsure when it is time to make the change, you should understand the signs your mattress is old. Changing out an old mattress and finding the right mattress type for you are surefire ways to better sleep.

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