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November 29, 2019 3 min read

Is a mattress foundation important?


A good mattress can mean the difference between waking up well-rested or tossing and turning all night. A good mattress foundation increases how long the mattress can do this.

A high quality mattress foundation is crucial to get the most out of a quality mattress, considering the importance of the purchase. After all, you’ll be spending about 1/3 of your life sleeping.

Here we will dispel common myths about mattress foundations and explain how to get the most out of yours.


But it’s just a box, right?

Wrong. A mattress foundation may look simple in comparison to a new mattress, but it is an integral part of any sleep system. Just like a blazer and nice slacks, the mattress and its foundation are a matched pair.

Many foundations are literally made for specific mattresses. While some may say that any old frame or foundation will do, mattress foundations wear out as well as warp. The general rule of thumb is to get a new foundation every time you get a new mattress.


Benefits of a mattress foundation

Mattress foundations lift the mattress up off the ground, and provide a number of benefits to both the mattress and sleeper, such as:

Additional support – A good mattress foundation supports the mattress itself to extend its longevity and reduce wear spots.

Absorbs shock – Anyone who has slumped themselves onto a mattress on the floor can tell you- it hurts. A mattress foundation can help the mattress absorb much more shock. This leads to less impact and wear on the mattress and more comfort for you.

Prevents dust and dirt –Lifting the mattress up of the floor helps prevent dust mites, dirt, and even some animal messes from getting into the mattress and decreasing its lifespan.

Increases circulation – A good mattress helps pull heat from the body to keep the person from getting too hot or sweating as they sleep. A good mattress foundation supports this by lifting the mattress up, allowing for more air to circulate under the bed and vent the mattress itself.

Reduces stress on the body – Increasing the height of the mattress also helps reduce stress on the body. Having a shorter distance to travel between sleeping and rising is much easier on the muscles and joints.


Basic foundation styles
There are a few different types of mattress foundation. Each may have their own uses and be more suited to certain situations.


There are a few different variations in the size and width of mattress foundations:

Standard – about 7-9 inches tall, fit to the full size of the bed
Low Profile – about 5 inches tall, fit to the size of the bed
Split – two separate foundations, split down the middle of the bed.



Mattress foundations also take different forms, such as:

Box spring – a foundation with metal springs inside to offer more cushion and support. This type of foundation should not be used with a pocketed coil mattress or all foam. Platform foundations – relatively universal foundations, but may offer less shock absorption
Slat foundations – typically a metal frame with wood slats. Great for all modern mattresses, including foam mattresses.
Adjustable bed bases – adjustable bed bases that allow the person to control the height of various parts of the foundation to their liking.

Though these styles will all vary, one important factor is quality. The foundation has to not only hold the mattress for years to come, but has to be able to hold one or more sleepers on it as well. If a foundation looks like it won’t hold up to this weight – chances are it won’t. Always look for a foundation with a quality build.


The bottom line

Mattress foundations offer added support and cushioning for the body. They also greatly extend the mattress life. In fact, if anyone says their mattress doesn’t need a support, that’s a big red flag.

A mattress and its foundation simply go together, and make up two key parts of your overall sleep system.

Written by Ryan Farris Founder