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Adjustable Base | 2.0 Basic

Adjustable Base | 2.0 Basic

Functional Flex Base | User-Friendly

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  • Custom Comfort: Easily adjust head and feet settings for personalized sleep and relaxation.
  • Convenient Control: Wireless remote with custom presets and flashlight for easy, personalized adjustments.
  • Flexible Design: Adjustable leg heights cater to various bed heights and aesthetic preferences.
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Experience tailored comfort with the 2.0 Basic Adjustable Base at Mattress King, where functionality meets affordability. Ideal for those who appreciate the fundamentals of an adjustable base without the extra frills, this base offers:

  • Versatile Comfort Settings: Easily adjust the head and feet to find your perfect position for sleep, relaxation, or reading. Programmable positions allow for customized comfort at the touch of a button.
  • User-Friendly Controls: Navigate your comfort with ease using the wireless backlit remote, complete with a built-in flashlight for convenience in the dark.
  • Adaptable Design: The base comes with adjustable leg heights, providing flexibility to suit your desired bed height and aesthetics, ensuring it fits seamlessly within your bed frame.
  • Sturdy and Reliable: With a weight capacity of 650 lbs, this base is designed to offer dependable support night after night.


Enjoy peace of mind with our Adjustable Base | 2.0 Basic, which comes with a comprehensive 20-year manufacturer warranty. For complete warranty information and details, please click here.

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Explore Features of the 2.0 Basic Adjustable Base

Discover the 2.0 Basic Adjustable Base, blending simplicity with versatility. Enjoy easy remote programming, adjustable leg heights, and personalized head and foot settings for your ideal comfort.

visual of Customizable Comfort

Customizable Comfort

Discover the ideal position for sleep, relaxation, or reading by adjusting the head and feet. Additionally, the base's adjustable leg heights offer the flexibility to modify bed height, ensuring perfect harmony with your space and ease of access.

visual of Intuitive Remote Control

Intuitive Remote Control

Experience ease of use with a wireless backlit remote, designed for simplicity. It allows you to program your favorite positions effortlessly, ensuring a comfortable and personalized setup tailored to your body's needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Split King adjustable bed?

A Split King adjustable bed is an ideal solution for couples who want independent control over their sleeping positions while still enjoying the spaciousness of a king-size bed. This setup involves two Twin XL adjustable bases and mattresses placed side by side, creating the dimensions of a standard king bed. This unique configuration allows each person to adjust their side of the bed independently, offering personalized comfort. Split King beds are also complemented by specialized bedding, known as split king sheets, which include two Twin XL fitted sheets and one king flat sheet, ensuring a seamless look and feel. To explore our range of sheets perfect for Split King beds, visit our Mattress King sheets page.

Is a box spring necessary with an adjustable bed?

No, a box spring will not work with an adjustable bed. The design of an adjustable bed is self-supporting, offering all the support your mattress needs. This setup ensures proper mattress support and function while using the adjustable features.

Can the height of the adjustable base be adjusted?

Some adjustable bases come with standard leg heights or offer a 3-In-1 design for adjustability. Others might not have height adjustment options. Our 2.0 and 3.0 adjustable bases have this 3 in 1 design so you can achieve the desired height you're looking for.

Can I use a bed frame or headboard with an adjustable base?

Yes, adjustable bases fit standard dimensions and can comfortably sit inside a bed frame. If your frame has slats, they should be removable so the adjustable base can rest inside the cavity of you bed frame. Optional headboard brackets are available for attaching a standalone headboard.

What mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds?

Most modern mattresses, including individual pocketed coil, hybrid, memory foam, latex, or gel, are compatible with adjustable bases. Their flexible design conforms to the movement of the base. Old style mattresses with open coils and a border wire are not compatible because the border wire won't conform to the adjustable base. It's always best to check with a representative to confirm compatibility.

How do adjustable beds work?

Adjustable beds, also known as electric beds, allow personalized comfort through a metal frame with pivot points and actuators. You can adjust the head and foot sections independently using a remote control, catering to your preferred sleeping or sitting position.

Who Handles Deliveries for Mattress King?

At Mattress King, we take pride in providing a personalized delivery experience. We do not use third-party services; instead, all deliveries are handled by our in-house team, fully employed by Mattress King. Our professional delivery crew arrives in branded Mattress King vehicles and wears official Mattress King uniforms. This ensures that you recognize our trusted team, specialized in the setup of mattresses and adjustable bases, ensuring a secure and expert delivery right to your doorstep.