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October 01, 2022 2 min read

Mattrenomics – How Shopping Local Impacts Oklahomans


Mattrenomics – How Shopping Local Impacts Oklahomans

Most mattress retailers are not locally owned. In fact, some of our biggest competitors are based out of Palo Alto, New York City, and Houston. This means that when an Oklahoman purchases a mattress from a national chain, a large percentage of that money is removed from Oklahoma’s economy and used to support the economies of California, New York, or Texas.

Don’t get me wrong—buying items from national chains has become a part of life. We all do it. But running a local business of my own has made me take a deeper look into the impact our spending has on our state.

Economics may not be something you care about, but here’s one thing you certainly do: money that is earned in Oklahoma staying in Oklahoma.

When you purchase an item from a national chain, twice as much money is removed from our economy compared to when you shop at an Oklahoma-owned business. When money is spent locally, it continues to recirculate and be spent locally again and again. This raises the overall level of economic activity and supports our state’s tax base.

Supporting local businesses also impacts the spirit of our community. The only way for Oklahoma businesses to thrive is for individuals like you and me to support them. Oklahoma should be a place that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit. A place where our children can aspire to success. One where people on the outside can be inspired to visit and see what it is that makes Oklahoma so special. 

When you shop at MattressKing, you aren’t just supporting myself, a local business owner. You are putting money into the pockets of the really awesome Oklahomans who make up our MattressKing family: mothers and fathers providing for their children. Young people saving up to buy their first homes. 

And this goes far beyond mattresses. Regardless of whether you buy your next mattress from us or from someone else, my hope is that the next time you need to make a run to the bakery, get your tires changed, or sign up for a new gym membership, you think about putting those dollars you’ve worked hard to earn into the hands of a fellow Oklahoman who is proud to do the same.

Written by Ryan Farris Founder