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Indigo | Medium-Plush

Indigo | Medium-Plush

Unique Comfort + Lumbar Support

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  • This has been our best selling mattress for 10+ years and customers love the cloud-like feeling and support that the Indigo offers. It’s also the choice the founder of Mattress King, and his wife sleep on.
  • Premium Support System offers Zoned Lumbar Support, Total Perimeter Edge Support and Motion Isolation
  • Excellent for Pressure Point Relief
  • Good for All Sleeper Weights
Mattress height:
Sleep type:
  • Side sleeping position


    Back sleeping position


  • Mattress type:

    Individual pocketed coil



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    10 Year Warranty

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    Construction of Mattress:

    7 Layer Design

    • 1" Cooling Gel infused Foam and 1" ThermaGel Memory Foam Sewn into a Knit Quilt with Phase Change® Technology
    • 1" Layer of ThermaGel Memory Foam
    • 2" Layer of Super Soft Comfort Foam
    • 1" Laver of R65 Firm Support Foam
    • 2” Layer of Deep Support Foam
    • 960 HD Tri-Zoned Quad Pocket Coil System with Foam Encased Edge Perimeter and Lumbar Support
    • 2” Layer of Durable Base Foam


    All foams meet CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

    Protected by a chemical-free and fiberglass-free fire barrier meeting 16 CFR 1633 and 16 CFR 1632 compliance


    This mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. For full details, please read our warranty information here.

    Where it’s made

    American Craftsmanship: Made in Texas.

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    Get expert advice from our sleep specialists to ensure your best night’s sleep.


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    Explore the Premium Quality of each Layer

    Discover the Indigo Mattress: ideal for side and back sleepers. Features cooling ThermaGel memory foam for optimal temperature control and spine alignment. Its pocketed coil system reduces motion transfer, ensuring undisturbed sleep. Experience unparalleled comfort and support, perfect for couples.


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    Pressure Relief





    Air Circulation




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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does Phase Change Material (PCM) enhance the comfort of a mattress?

    PCM, or Phase Change Material, in a mattress is an innovative technology designed for temperature regulation, enhancing sleep comfort. These materials change their state (solid, liquid, or vapor) in response to temperature variations. In the context of mattresses, PCMs typically shift from solid to liquid as they absorb heat, creating a cooling effect. This process also works in reverse, where they release heat as they solidify, thus warming up the mattress if it gets too cold. This bidirectional thermoregulation helps maintain an optimal sleeping temperature by redistributing body heat from warmer areas to cooler ones. PCMs are often incorporated into mattress covers or infused into the foam layers, especially in memory foam mattresses, to mitigate heat retention, a common issue with this mattress type. This technology not only enhances sleep quality by maintaining a comfortable temperature but also contributes to the durability and performance of the mattress.

    What is Zoned Lumbar Support or Tri-Zone Support in mattresses?

    Zoned Lumbar or Tri-Zone Support in mattresses refers to a design where specific zones have varying firmness to support different body areas. The middle zone is firmer for enhanced lumbar support, preventing the heavier midsection from sagging and aiding spinal alignment. Softer zones at the ends cater to the shoulders and feet, providing comfort and relieving pressure. This tailored support ensures proper posture and comfort for various sleeping positions.

    What are the benefits of ThermaGel Memory Foam in mattresses?

    ThermaGel Memory Foam is an advanced type of memory foam infused with ThermaGel particles, engineered to provide both comfort and support. This material adapts to the unique body shape of the sleeper, offering superior support for joints and pressure points. The key feature of ThermaGel Memory Foam is its ability to regulate temperature. The infused ThermaGel particles work effectively to disperse heat away from the body, maintaining a cool and comfortable sleeping surface throughout the night. This makes ThermaGel Memory Foam especially beneficial for those who tend to sleep hot or live in warmer climates. The breathable nature of the foam, combined with the cooling properties of ThermaGel, enhances the overall sleep experience by ensuring a balanced temperature. Additionally, the adaptability of the foam contributes to relieving pressure and supporting the body efficiently, thereby extending the life of the mattress.

    What is 360-degree edge support on a mattress?

    360-degree edge support in a mattress refers to the reinforcement around the entire perimeter of the bed. This support is vital for several reasons:

    1. Preventing Sagging: It helps prevent sagging at the edges, maintaining the mattress's shape and structure over time.

    2. Increased Usable Surface Area: With strong edge support, the entire surface of the mattress becomes usable for sleeping and other activities, such as sitting. This is particularly beneficial for couples, as it allows them to use the full mattress without the fear of rolling off.

    3. Ease of Mobility: For individuals with mobility issues or those who experience back or joint pain, a firm edge support makes getting in and out of bed easier. It provides a stable base to sit on and assists in transitioning from sitting to standing.

    The construction of 360-degree edge support can vary. In some mattresses, this involves using firmer foam or high-density foam wrapped around the core mattress, providing extra support. In others, particularly in hybrid mattresses, the edge support is achieved with coils placed close to the sides.

    Do you offer delivery and old mattress haul-away services?

    Yes, at Mattress King, we provide convenient delivery services across Oklahoma. We pride ourselves on offering fast, one-day delivery options. For those who opt for our upgraded delivery service, priced at $99, we not only deliver but also set up your new mattress and haul away your old one. In addition to this, we offer a free delivery option that includes doorstep drop-off, similar to services provided by FedEx and Amazon. This option is great for those who prefer a contactless delivery to their front porch or door. For a comprehensive understanding of our delivery services and to find the best option for your needs, please visit our delivery information page here.

    What if we don't like the mattress? Do you offer a trial period?

    Yes, at Mattress King, your comfort is our top priority. Most of our mattresses come with a generous 100-night trial period, which is clearly mentioned on our product listings, both in-store and online. For those not eligible for the 100-night trial, we offer a 14-night trial period. To qualify for these trials, it's required to purchase one of our mattress protectors. Please note, during the trial period, if you choose to exchange the mattress, our delivery service must be utilized to facilitate this process. There will be a delivery charge applicable based on your location. This ensures a smooth exchange process and helps maintain the highest standards of hygiene and customer satisfaction. For complete details about the trial period and related policies, we invite you to visit our trial policy page.

    Do I need a boxspring or foundation for my mattress?

    Understanding whether you need a boxspring or foundation for your mattress is crucial. Often, these terms are used interchangeably, with modern boxsprings essentially acting as foundations without actual springs. The necessity of a boxspring or foundation depends largely on your bed frame.

    For Traditional Bed Frames: If your bed frame has fewer than 10 slats or crossbars, a boxspring or foundation is necessary. It provides a level, stable surface, ensuring your mattress is properly supported. This helps in maintaining the mattress's structure and can extend its lifespan.

    For Platform Beds: Many contemporary bed frames are designed as platform frames. These usually include 11 or more slats or a solid steel grid, eliminating the need for a separate foundation. Platform beds offer sufficient support for your mattress on their own.

    Adjustable Bases: The rising popularity of adjustable bases, which can raise and lower your head and feet, has also influenced mattress support. These bases are self-supporting and designed to offer optimal mattress support without needing an additional foundation.

    Importance of Proper Support: Regardless of your bed type, ensuring your mattress rests on a solid, level surface is vital. This not only helps in keeping your spine properly aligned but also enhances the overall comfort and durability of your mattress.

    Further Guidance: For more information on choosing the right foundation for your mattress and insights into various bed types, you can explore our detailed Mattress Buying Guide. Here, we also offer a range of accompanying products that complement your mattress choice, ensuring you have everything you need for a great night’s sleep.

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