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Sleep tips
February 14, 2018 3 min read

Staying Cool at Night: 7 Simple Habits


Sleep may be the best part of the day. Staying cool at night-especially on hot summer nights is crucial to get a full night’s rest. Heat can make it difficult to sleep, and sweating will definitely add to the discomfort. Luckily, there are some simple ways to stay cool at night without cranking up the air conditioner.


Natural fibers 

Simply put, those synthetic sheets have to go. A bedspread made of natural fabrics will be much more breathable than polyester, satin, or other synthetic threads.

Natural bed linen choices include: 

  • Cotton
  • Bamboo 
  • Tencel
  • Hemp
  • Linen 

These natural fibers allow more air exchange between the body and the outside room, which means you can stay covered and still be comfortable. 


Ice packs 

While they normally find their way into a lunch box, ice packs are an ideal way to cool down the temperature of the bed. Placing a couple ice packs a the head and foot of the body may help circulate cool air over the body, making it feel colder in the room. 


Wet blanket 

Throwing a wet blanket over your body may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of staying cool at night, but it is actually an ancient Egyptian secret. Dipping a natural fiber sheet into cold water, ringing it out, and then using it as a blanket may be enough to get you through even the hottest nights. Just be sure to use a mattress protector for this method to keep your mattress safe and dry. 


Circulate the air 

It’s no secret that stale air is hotter than moving air. While turning on the AC may run up the electric bill, a basic fan does not use nearly as much electricity. Pointing a floor fan at the bed while you sleep may be enough for some, but for others it can cause a stuffy nose or dry throat. If this is you, try pointing the fan out an open window. This creates a more gentle breeze as the fan sucks hot air from the room. 


Water, water everywhere 

Water can play a few key roles in staying cool at night. Drinking a small glass of water a bit before bed may help with blood circulation. For some people, this may cause them multiple bathroom visits. It may be better to just keep a glass of water nearby and take a few sips as needed in these cases. That glass of water may also come in handy for dabbing on the neck, ears, and wrists. The blood travels closer to the skin in these areas, and putting cool water here can provide almost immediate refreshment that may help you get to sleep. Taking a cool to lukewarm bath or shower before bed may also help cool the body down and prepare you for sleep. The water shouldn’t be too cold, as it can stimulate the body and keep you awake. 


Think loose 

Loose is the way to go during those hot nights. Loose-fitting, natural pajamas will be much more comfortable than synthetic alternatives, and will even beat sleeping nude, as the added layer of cloth helps air circulate over the body. Likewise, loose sheets and thin blankets will trump a thick duvet cover in the warmer months. 


What you sleep on matters

Your mattress and pillow can play a huge role in staying cool at night. One side of the body will be touching the mattress at all times, so you want to be sure the mattress has a breathable top made from natural fibers like Tencel or bamboo viscose. Additionally, breathable foam is important to keep body heat from lingering throughout the night. For pillows, breathable memory foam is the best way to go. A pincore graphite infused memory foam may do the trick, preferably one with omiphase change material which helps pull heat away from the heat all night long. 

Written by Ryan Farris Founder