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Enjoy a Comfortable Sleep with Our 100-Night Trial

At Mattress King, we're committed to ensuring you find the perfect mattress for your comfort. That's why we offer a 100-night trial period on all eligible mattresses. To participate, simply purchase a Mattress King mattress protector with your mattress, ensuring it remains in like-new condition.

If you find that the mattress isn't quite right, we're here for you. You can exchange it once for another model that better suits your needs, with no hidden restocking fees. The only cost involved is a minimal one-time delivery fee for the exchange, handled by our professional delivery team to ensure your mattress is returned in perfect condition.

We recommend sleeping on your new mattress for at least 21 days to let your body fully adjust. If you decide it's not the right fit, simply contact us or visit your nearest store to initiate a comfortable exchange.


At Mattress King, we want to ensure that every night's sleep is just right. That's why we offer a 21-day trial period for all our pillows, starting from the day you take possession. If you're not fully satisfied with your new Mattress King pillow during these first 21 nights, you have the option to exchange it for a different one.

Please remember, we allow one exchange per original pillow purchase. It's the customer's responsibility to return the pillow they wish to exchange to initiate this process. For a smooth and easy exchange, simply visit your nearest Mattress King store or call us for assistance.


Sheets Trial Policy

Enjoy a comfortable sleep with our 21-day trial on all Mattress King sheets. From the day you start using them, if you find that our sheets don't meet your satisfaction within the first 21 nights, you're welcome to return them for a full refund. We understand the importance of finding the perfect bedding, which is why we offer this one-time return per purchase. Please note, it is the customer's responsibility to return the sheets for this process.

Mattress Protector Policy

While we don’t offer a trial period for mattress protectors at Mattress King, they are covered by our Standard Return Policy. You can return a mattress protector within 3 days of taking possession for a full refund, provided it remains in its original, factory-sealed packaging and is in factory-new condition.

Please remember, if it's past the three-day return window or the product isn't in its original factory-sealed packaging, the standard return or trial policies of individual products will apply.

Adjustable Bases

Please note that at Mattress King, adjustable bases are not eligible for a trial period. We prioritize providing you with the highest quality and carefully curated selections, ensuring your purchase meets your needs from the start.

Bed Frames

At Mattress King, our bed frames, including metal frames, platform frames, foundations, and furniture, are not eligible for a trial period. We carefully select our range to ensure each product meets our high standards and your expectations from the outset.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my new mattress feels uncomfortable?

At Mattress King, we understand that finding the right mattress is crucial for a good night's sleep. That's why we offer a 100-night trial policy on select mattresses. If your mattress isn't feeling comfortable, we recommend sleeping on it for at least 21 days to allow your body to adjust. However, if you're still not satisfied after this period, you're eligible to exchange it within the 100-night timeframe. For customers who purchased in-store, please revisit the store with your original receipt and our team will assist you with the reselection process, provided you have purchased our mattress protector. For online purchases, contact us through our website chat for guidance.

Why is there a delivery fee for mattress exchanges?

At Mattress King, ensuring the quality and condition of our mattresses is a top priority. When exchanging a mattress, we require a delivery fee to manage the process professionally. This policy helps ensure that the returned mattress remains in its original condition during transit. In the past, allowing customers to return mattresses themselves often led to unintentional damage, such as drag marks or other harm incurred during transport. By managing the exchange process with our own delivery team, we ensure that the exchanged mattress is properly protected and transported without any issues. This fee is a standard part of our exchange policy and applies to all deliveries to your designated area, reinforcing our commitment to quality service and product care.

Is a mattress exchange possible without buying Mattress King's mattress protector?

Under Mattress King's policy, the purchase of our mattress protector at the time of buying your mattress is essential for participating in the 100-night trial. If our mattress protector was not purchased with your mattress, unfortunately, you won't be eligible for the mattress exchange. This requirement is in place to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and mattress protection, which is a key aspect of our commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality.