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Our Story

It All Began With a Dream

The year was 2005. Ryan Farris, a young and eager entrepreneur, decided to leave his job working for Mathis Brothers Furniture to open up his own mattress store called MattressKing - a place where every customer could feel like the king or queen of their domain.

From Day 1 Ryan has been uncompromising about his goal of creating a superior customer experience, which means giving his fellow Oklahoman’s great prices on high quality mattresses.

As his Kingdom has grown over the years, so has the support for his customers. People walk into a MattressKing because they’re in need of a good night’s sleep - which is why everyone can receive same-day or next-day shipping, free exchanges, and a 100 night guarantee on mattresses that receive a 98% customer satisfaction rate year after year.

Mission accomplished? Well, MattressKing customers might say so. But if you ask Ryan, he would probably tell you that the best is still yet to come.

Johnny & Ryan

The locally famous duo first got started when Ryan wanted to find a way to make his TV ads more interesting. He remembered watching Johnny Ross doing commercials when he was a kid, and he knew right away that this was the guy to hire if he wanted to catch some attention. The pairing has been a huge hit and they’ve been doing commercials together for 12 years and counting. People often think that Johnny is Ryan’s grandfather, but in reality, they are just longtime friends and business associates who have enjoyed putting a smile on the faces of people who see their commercials.

Meet Our Founder

Hey there! Ryan here - I just wanted to share my journey and brief history of building this company: Read letter

Core Values
  • Customer First Mindset
  • Passion
  • Hard Work
  • Honesty
  • On-site, Engaged Owner

Our Team

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