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Pikes | Medium-Firm

Pikes | Medium-Firm

Conforming Comfort + Hybrid Design

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  • Excellent for Pressure Point Relief
  • Hybrid Technology offers an Upgraded Support System including 2-Sided Edge Support and Motion Isolation
  • Good for Light-Average Sleeper Weights
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    Construction of Mattress:

    4 Layer Design + Hybrid Cover

    • Ultra Conforming ThermoBalance® Cooling Cover with Phase Change® Technology
    • 1" Layer of ThermaGel Memory Foam
    • 1” Layer of Super Soft Comfort Foam
    • 768 Individually Pocketed Coil System with Quantum® Edge Steel Perimeter
    • 1” Layer of Durable Base Foam


    All foams meet CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and are analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.

    Protected by a chemical-free and fiberglass-free fire barrier meeting 16 CFR 1633 and 16 CFR 1632 compliance


    This mattress is backed by a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. For full details, please read our warranty information here.

    Where it’s made

    American Craftsmanship: Made in Oklahoma.

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    Discover the Comfort Layers in Our Mattress

    Discover the perfect sleep experience with Pikes | Medium-Firm. This mattress combines conforming comfort and advanced hybrid support, ideal for light to average sleepers weights. Its unique design features a ThermoBalance® Cooling Cover and ThermaGel™ Memory Foam for optimal temperature control. The 768-pocket coil system with Quantum® Steel Dual Sided Edge Support ensures motion isolation and edge-to-edge stability,


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Quantum Edge steel support in mattresses?

    The Quantum Edge steel support in mattresses features a unique construction with narrow-diameter thicker gauge wire Quantum coils at the sides, head, and foot. This design enhances edge support, offering a firmer and more supportive edge than traditional mattresses. The Quantum Edge system replaces foam encasement, providing a sturdy seating edge and expanding the usable sleep surface. The Quantum steel narrow coils that provide the edge support allow the mattress to be a little more flexible compared to foam encased edge support when using on an adjustable base. Additionally, its design promotes 28% more airflow and breathability when comparing to a foam encased edge support, contributing to a comfortable sleep experience.

    What are the benefits of ThermaGel Memory Foam in mattresses?

    ThermaGel Memory Foam is an advanced type of memory foam infused with ThermaGel particles, engineered to provide both comfort and support. This material adapts to the unique body shape of the sleeper, offering superior support for joints and pressure points. The key feature of ThermaGel Memory Foam is its ability to regulate temperature. The infused ThermaGel particles work effectively to disperse heat away from the body, maintaining a cool and comfortable sleeping surface throughout the night. This makes ThermaGel Memory Foam especially beneficial for those who tend to sleep hot or live in warmer climates. The breathable nature of the foam, combined with the cooling properties of ThermaGel, enhances the overall sleep experience by ensuring a balanced temperature. Additionally, the adaptability of the foam contributes to relieving pressure and supporting the body efficiently, thereby extending the life of the mattress.

    How does Phase Change Material (PCM) enhance the comfort of a mattress?

    PCM, or Phase Change Material, in a mattress is an innovative technology designed for temperature regulation, enhancing sleep comfort. These materials change their state (solid, liquid, or vapor) in response to temperature variations. In the context of mattresses, PCMs typically shift from solid to liquid as they absorb heat, creating a cooling effect. This process also works in reverse, where they release heat as they solidify, thus warming up the mattress if it gets too cold. This bidirectional thermoregulation helps maintain an optimal sleeping temperature by redistributing body heat from warmer areas to cooler ones. PCMs are often incorporated into mattress covers or infused into the foam layers, especially in memory foam mattresses, to mitigate heat retention, a common issue with this mattress type. This technology not only enhances sleep quality by maintaining a comfortable temperature but also contributes to the durability and performance of the mattress.

    Do I need a box spring with a metal bed frame?

    Whether a box spring is needed with a metal bed frame depends on the frame's structure. Frames with minimal crossbars and a central rail typically require a box spring for added support. In contrast, frames featuring extensive crossbars (10 or more) or a wire grid usually provide sufficient support without a box spring. These frames often stand 15-19 inches high, ensuring standard bed height with a mattress. Remember, robust center support is crucial for preventing mattress sagging.

    Can you explain Mattress King's 100-Night Comfort Guarantee?

    Absolutely! At Mattress King, we're dedicated to ensuring you find the perfect mattress for your sleep needs. That's why we offer an exclusive 100-night trial period on eligible mattresses. To participate in this trial, simply purchase one of our mattress protectors with your new mattress.

    If you find that your new mattress doesn't quite meet your comfort needs, don't worry. We offer a hassle-free, one-time exchange for a mattress that better suits you. There are no restocking fees involved – the only cost is a minimal one-time delivery fee. It's important that exchanges are conducted through Mattress King's official delivery service to guarantee proper handling of your returned mattress.

    Your trial period kicks off from the day you receive your mattress. We recommend sleeping on it for at least 21 days, as this gives your body enough time to adjust to the new sleeping surface.

    For more detailed information about our trial policy, please visit Mattress King's Trial Policy.